Gardner: Bloomberg Should Stay out of Colorado

July 10, 2014

DENVER, CO – After significant pressure and hours of criticism for his silence, Senator Udall has finally denounced New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s insulting comments toward Coloradans although the Senator brazenly equated “traffic jams” to our constitutional freedoms. Nevertheless, in light of the Senator’s assertion that Bloomberg should stay out of Colorado politics, Cory Gardner called on Senator Udall to request Senate Majority PAC, a Bloomberg-funded outside group that has already spent millions attacking Cory, and other Bloomberg-funded groups to immediately end their vicious spending spree polluting our state’s airwaves.

“Coloradans cherish the freedoms enunciated in the Constitution, and equating traffic jams with constitutional freedoms is offensive,” Cory said. “While I am pleased that Senator Udall followed my lead and rejected Mayor Bloomberg’s outrageous statements, he must follow his words with actions. Mayor Bloomberg has donated many millions of dollars to groups like Senate Majority PAC and if Senator Udall is sincere in his belief that the Mayor should stay out of Colorado, he must immediately appeal to those groups to end their negative Bloomberg-funded spending sprees.”

Mayor Bloomberg has poured $2.5 million into Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic front group that has spent just over $2 million attacking Cory this cycle. And it isn’t just Senate Majority PAC: Senator Udall has also benefitted from attacks levied by the League of Conservation Voters, a notorious “dark money” group and his second-largest campaign contributor that is funded in part by Mayor Bloomberg. Planned Parenthood is yet another Bloomberg-funded Udall contributor that has attacked Cory during this campaign, despite the organization noting last spring that Cory “showed courage” with his vote in favor of the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act.