Stuck in a Rut, Udall calls Obama for Help

July 7, 2014

DENVER, CO – Just months after Senator Udall refused to answer on national television whether or not he would campaign with President Obama (four times!), the president is headed to Denver. This morning, the White House announced that in addition to raising money for Senator Udall, President Obama will be giving a speech on the economy, though members of the public are prohibited from attending.

“Senator Udall has spent his entire campaign dividing Coloradans — he speaks nonstop about divisive social issues, spreading lies about his opponent in hopes that voters will forget about his failed record on the economy and healthcare,” said campaign spokesman Alex Siciliano. “News that President Obama will be speaking about the economy on Wednesday in Denver must have hit Senator Udall hard. He is now going to have to answer for his votes for the failed healthcare bill, higher taxes, and increased government spending. Senator Udall has been in elected office nearly two decades, but he still can’t explain to Coloradans what he’s accomplished for our state, why the economy is struggling, and his plan to create jobs.”

Recently GDP shrunk by 2.9%, the largest contraction in five years. More than 337,000 Coloradans have received healthcare cancellation notices, despite Obama and Udall’s promise that individuals would be able to keep the healthcare plans they had and liked. Living up to his reputation as Washington’s top golfer, Senator Udall has been known to hit the links with President Obama.