gardner_cory-event-047Senator Cory Gardner is a fifth-generation Coloradan who was born and raised in Yuma, where his family has owned a farm implement dealership for over a century. He lives in the same house his great-grandparents lived in. Cory graduated summa cum laude from Colorado State University and received his law degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Cory began serving in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2005, where he spent time as the Minority Whip and became known for his expertise in natural resource and agriculture policy. Cory was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010. Cory championed a true all-of-the-above energy strategy that promoted traditional resources as well as renewable energy. In addition, Cory is a national leader on energy efficiency initiatives and founded a bipartisan energy efficiency caucus in the House. In the Senate, Cory continues to pursue common sense energy policy.

Cory has been a vocal critic of the President Obama’s bad nuclear deal with Iran, and he led the effort to impose broad new sanctions against North Korea, as the regime continues to be a leading abuser of human rights and its reckless advancement of nuclear weapons threatens our national security. Additionally, Cory continues to push for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy from the Obama Administration.

Cory is focused on expanding the economy, creating jobs, and making life better for all Coloradans.

Cory and his wife Jaime live in Yuma with their three children: Alyson, Thatcher, and Caitlyn.